3 Answers about sleep in pregnancy

Sleeping is key to recharging the batteries during pregnancy. Have you not been able to rest? See everything for you to enjoy the pillow well – after all, after the baby arrives, this will get a little more difficult.

The changes are usually linked to changes in the body, such as hormonal changes, the urge to pee all the time, and anxiety peaks arising from the expectation of childbirth. These factors added, of course, Do not let you achieve the relaxation necessary for the sleep to come – and stay. After all, with so many doubts and expectations, it is even harder to relax and sleep well. To get rid of this problem, we listened to their biggest issues related to sleep. The answers you give in the article below.

“I’m in early pregnancy and feel unmanageable sleep all day. Is that going to happen? ”

Yes, from the fourth month. When you get pregnant, the hormones come into play to maintain and develop gestation. The concentration of progesterone, for example, is much higher at this time – so it’s no coincidence that you feel more sleepy.Also, since the first trimester, there is an increase in blood volume in the circulation and the heart has to work harder to pump it to the body and the baby. As a consequence, there is a significant increase in tiredness, a sensation that resembles sleep. Most of the time, these symptoms are normal. However, it is important to know that drowsiness can also be part of a more serious disorder, such as depression. So always talk to your obstetrician. If he deems it necessary, Can prescribe medication or request evaluation from a psychiatrist.

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“Nausea and heartburn bother you a lot, even at bedtime. Is there a solution to this? ”

Hormonal changes have a strong influence on this picture and, unfortunately, there is nothing to be done about them. But that does not mean that improving some day-to-day habits can not bring some relief. Staying extended periods of time without eating worsens the feeling of nausea, for example. This explains the need to feed every three hours, in a small amount. In the same way, making a massive and very filling meal is not ideal. Try light foods such as fruits and vegetables, even if they are not your favorite dish. If the discomfort continues unbearable after these changes, your doctor may evaluate the use of anti-emetic medications to try to relieve motion sickness.

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“I’m very hot at night. Why does it happen? Will it improve? ”

Like drowsiness, heat is linked to changes in hormone regulation. “The higher concentration of progesterone in the body causes the body temperature to be around 37 ° C during gestation, that is, 0.5 ° C above normal. The increase creates this sensation, which can accompany the woman throughout the pregnancy, “explains the gynecologist Alice MelgaçoFaria, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). Not all feel this effect, but if it appears, there is not much to do. Cool off with baths, fan, and air-conditioning. Be careful, however, with creams that present camphor, menthol or eucalyptol in their composition. Anvisa, a sanitary surveillance regulator, does not recommend its use during pregnancy because in some concentrations,

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